that people are having trouble understanding this ending, or that they just don't like it based on inconsistency, or even worse, they are the people who need every little answer.

It makes me sick that I can't come on here with all the people who give great insight and keep me reading for hours and see some praise for this stroke of genius we saw last night.

I see people saying that their personal afterlife doesn't make sense, and how can something exist out of time and blah blah. If you wanted a show to make perfect sense you should have fucking gave up on it when you saw Polar Bears, A smoke monster, Time Travel, Others who have financial wealth, People who can't age, people who can touch people and control their life, lighthouses that see the world, magical caves.

But a fucking afterlife that consists outside of percieved time and reality, that is too much. Give it up guys, the show ended with the characters like it should have. It was sad, happy, and moving above all else. Matthew Fox's performance in the church with his dad was simply fantastic.

I just wish everyone saw it like this.

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