So I was thinking as I was walking home this morning, According to Jacob, only people he welcomes to the Island can come. So if this is true, does that mean he welcomed the Kahana crew? If so, why would he do this. Why would he willingly let a man Like Keamy to come to the island and kill an innocent girl and so many others. Unless this was all part of his plan to make Ben bitter to fulfill the end of the loop, if that is what he wants. And if it is what he wants, it kinda shows he has no real regard for human life.

Also, if Jacob is the only way to get to the island does this make the lamp post station basically pointless. Eloise used it to get the Ajira flight to pass through a pocket to get them back to the island. Was she instructed by Jacob, or is the Lamp post an actual way around Jacobs invitation only?

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