MIB, I really do. For months I have been posting blogs saying that good and evil is not that simple to define and that I fully don't believe Jacob and MIB are either or.

Tonight really made us see this Man in Black in a whole new light. He was passionate, emotional, very deep character. How many people wouldn't want to escape if you found out your whole life was a lie and your mother was killed by who you actually thought to be your mother. You really can't blame him for being angry, all he wanted was a chance at the life he felt he deserved.

Jacob on the other hand, he could not accept that this "Mother" figure was a kind of looney person and what she did was wrong, but his intentions were out of love for her and can you really blame him as well, after all, family doesn't necessarily mean blood.

Also, if you are going with the theory that the smoke monster was made from the Man In Black's last emotions which were rage and anger probably, I guess his means are in some way justified. I guess the smoke monster is his spirit and his body just passed on, that is what I am assuming anyway.

What a brilliant episode, just another character we can feel for :D on what is and always will be a character driven show. Just amazing.

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