Little things looking back make me laugh. I really don't care about the continuity errors, they weren't enough to make me mad about the show, cause I thought it was perfect in every sense of the word.

One thing that has always made me laugh is Sawyers letter. How did it not get ruined Almost everyday he spent on the Island. It rained almost every single day and I heavily doubt that He left it with his stash cause he didn't trust anyone. What about when he went on the raft and was in the ocean for a long time, wouldn't it be ruined? Or when the others captured him, wouldn't they search his pockets? It always made me laugh, then when he killed Cooper he had it on him even though Locke caught him when he was randomly peeing at night. Just very funny.

I also wish someone would have grown out a really big beard, Only Desmond seemed to really have a beard. They really never showed anyone shaving, at least not at the camp, I think Only Locke was seen shaving once, with a knife. I know people like Sawyer, Jack, Charlie, and certain other people grew out scruff, but never a full blown beard, Like Bernard, his beard was a true Island castaway beard.

Bugs always seemed funny to me as well. I think the thing that would get to me the most on an Island are the bugs and you never really saw a bug on anyone. you think while trekking through the jungle someone would have a spider, Centipede, Something on them. Except Nikki And Paulo, and that was only cause of the Man In Black.

I also wish just one time someone would have been like " Hey, your breath really smells". The only place I could see people brushing their teeth was in the hatch.

Anyone else have anything else they thought like this?

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