It seems Abaddon is supernatural like Jacob, or at least was instructed by him. Eloise Hawking is similar, but she is just a knowledgeable human. Abaddon directly interferes with Fate to suggest something to Locke he would have otherwise never known about, and seems to know the return trip will result in his arrival on the Island. From what we have seen, this has yet to be explained by time travel as Locke never mentioned this to anyone in the past/Daniel's journal. The other problem similar to this is Eloise's interference with Desmond at the ring shop. From what we understand regarding time/fate, there is no reason for her to check up on his decision making to go according to what she knows about his future, and there is no explanation for how she even knows about that specific event. I see this as a problem that needs to be retconned because it goes against how the character has been established. To my understanding, Eloise acts on her own and not under the advisement of Jacob. It seems that encounter was only a plot device to explain fate choices to the viewers. I think Widmore was oblivious to his involvement in the chain of events that led Des to the island. I do not think that he told him about his boat race with that intent.

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