• TheRealHenryGale

    Going along with the official Lostpedia rewatch, I just watched "Deus Ex Machina". The episode where Locke reconnects with his father only to have his heart broken when he learns it was just a ploy to get his kidney. I thnk the saddest moment in Lost is when Locke pulls up to his fathers house and he isn't allowed in. He drives away crying and screaming and then it cuts back to the island and he is pounding on the hatch door screaming out to the island asking "Why it was doing this?"

    I was wondering what some of the moments were that you guys thought was the saddest or most emotional?

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  • TheRealHenryGale

    I have looked and looked and have found absolutely nothing on Geronimo Jackson. I know that they are fabricated for the LOST storyline. But I noticed something weird on their lostpedia page. I looked at the picture of their album cover and the man at the top holding the guitar looks a lot like Mr. Friendly or Tom from the others.

    The producers have stated that the band members have "kind of gone missing" since 1971. Do you suppose the band went to the island in the seventies and that man truly is Tom.

    Far-fetched but, why not.

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