Mysteries of lost, answered or not to be answered?

There are many, many, many, (you get the point) mysteries of lost, there are some that will be answered and some that won't. Mysteries like... How the Black Rock ending up inland on the island? Who is in control at ann arbor and if there were inquiries after the "purge"? Why Alpert and the "others" aren't effected by the sonar fence, as he tells Horace "that fence can't keep me out"? How about what was the big fallout between Eloise and Charles? Did Charles over take her as leader of the others, thus banning her from the island?

So let's see if anyone else has more or maybe some answers, cause I think we all know so mysteries will never be solved and possibly always L O S T--ThePolarBearsConstant 02:24, February 1, 2010 (UTC)

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