Yes you've read right I believe one of two things surrounding the mysteries of Ilana. I believe Ilana may have been in a fire in her time in russia possibly around 2004 when she is visited by Jacob. I have a coupe of different twist around just this single theory. I also believe this visit could have been made long before the crash of oceanic 815 maybe even back in the 70's or 80's, as Jacob knew about the war coming.

I think Ilana did spend sometime on the island and may have been given the same gift as richard but I believe she may have been there before the arrival of richard (who I think was on the black rock, nice that they show slaves came in all shapes and colors!) Like Richard she is a protector of Jacob but OFF the island, hope your all following. This is why she and Richard don't know each other but they both know a lot about the island. I think she know's about the temple very much and may have been a visitor of the springs (just maybe).I also think she also maybe be surprised to see the statue not standing but just hasn't come around to asking with all the dead man walking problems.

It's not created in stone so please feel free to chisel away and tell me what you think.--ThePolarBearsConstant 02:23, February 5, 2010 (UTC)

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