I'm glad to see at least for one episode so far we got away from the crying. I must say kudos to those who called the ashes being jacobs remains (maybe I'm just think as I see for now). I think tonight is the beginning of the episodes that make us smile. I wasn't that much of a fan of the AR till tonight I kinda liked the AR lockes life so different from the character that we have begun to love(or hate)Plus we all knew we would be seeing the other characters(Nice look Ben). It will be weird to see if they mash together the two worlds to create some magic or it will also be weird if they throw away all that we've seen past, present, and future.

Now then the questions...

Who is the blond hair boy?

I thought right away aaron, but then after hearing how MiB had lost loved ones I thought maybe it was his child, or a younger version of jacob.

The candidates?

Are they there to replace Jacob? and if so why would MiB be mad wouldn't it give him a better chance of escaping since the newbie wouldn't have knowledge and ties to him?

P.S best line of the night...

Well I guess I better put some pants on...--ThePolarBearsConstant 04:18, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

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