Ezra.....the Dharma shark

In the first part of LAX when they show the plane and then go into the water showing the island there are shots of The Others' houses,the statue,and even "Ezra." So if these things are there does it mean the dharma initiative and Jacob/MiB were there once? Also, from Ben's flashsideways in Dr.Linus it doesn't seem like he would kill the Dharma Initiative. So, what happened to the Dharma Initiative,Jacob, the Man in Black, and even Richard? If the statue broke from the Black Rock crashing into it wouldn't it mean Richard was on the island at some point? Also, the dharma initiative would have had the stations like the Hydra where they kept the sharks and dolphins since we saw Ezra with the Dharma sign on it. Just trying to figure things out! Oh,and Merry Christmas! :)--TheOther108 21:45, December 25, 2010 (UTC)

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