Hey Losties, how's this for a problem - MIB has been dead THE WHOLE TIME?? So the form that you see him in, the original brother form when we first see him and Jacob on the island as played by Titus Welliver, he's just usurped the form of "Brother"? Yet he's acting like Jacob's brother when he says "do u know how badly I want to kill you?" But he can't kill him b/c those are the rules, but he's dead so why would the rules still apply? Also,smoke monster is already a dead guy, yet needs to take the form of other dead people? And can we see the first time Brother appeared to Jacob after he was already dead? Was Jacob freaked out or did he understand what was going on? Was he even more freaked out when Brother then turned into Smokey? There's more here that I'm having trouble putting into words, help!

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