Lost is a great show, definitely in my top ten shows of all time. Great writing and characters that I really care about. That being said...

Is there any scene you wish never happened in the show? Some writing direction you thought was unnecessary and you wish didn't happen because it ruined something small about the show or a character you loved?

1. For me when Libby was shot, I thought that was unnecessary and we lost a interesting character with a lot of mystery behind her forever.

2. When we found out Sun had actually really cheated on Jin. It ruined their romance as a couple for me and didn't need to be part of the show. I no longer can stand Sun.

3. When Locke killed Naomi. It's the only thing that Locke did that makes him a bad guy. One of my favorite characters doing something unforgivable and taken in a totally unnecessary direction for the show.

What are yours?

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