What are our character's destiny? What's missing from their lives?

Jack What does Jack need to complete his life? To make his journey complete? He's lived a life of righteousness. His passion is for order, he's a fixer of things and is obsessed with fixing things. He claims to love Kate but I don't see love as his passion for life. His passion is for order and his exwife Sara was right. He's not happy unless he has something to fix. He's done the right thing every time when put to a test and has had to make an unselfish choice, he takes the punches in order to do what is right. From the first time we see him, he wouldn't stay down to protect his friend, he went against his father, he sacrificed himself to save Sawyer and Kate, among numerous other instances. Until season five. He refuses to help Ben and then is prepared to blow up the island in order for some slim chance of the possibility of getting Kate. Really out of character for my favorite stand up guy. I hope he doesn't continue this direction.

What's missing for Jack is hard to figure out. Approval from his father is something he needed. But that's wrapped up, he got that in Exodus 1, from Sawyer. Is it peace of mind and rest for our hero? Is that what is missing? I like that character trait in Jack that he wants to fix problems and is passionate and unselfish. I think that's why he is a hero and it's something to aspire to, not something to get over. Maybe, I think he's going to make the ultimate fix of his lifetime and then get to finally get to rest and be at peace, like a reward, in the caves along with Kate as Adam and Eve. No idea what that ultimate fix could be, but I kind of like that idea.

Sawyer What does Sawyer need to complete his destiny? What's missing? I think for Sawyer, the Sawyer we used to know, his passion used to be for chaos. He spent his lifetime inflicting the same chaos that plagued him as a child. That chaos was betrayal from a trusted person. Sawyer was betrayed by his mother's infidelity, his father's murderous rampage and suicide, and Anthony Cooper's betrayal towards his mother that started the rest off. Sawyer spent his life causing the same pain and misery onto others as the man he was hunting for revenge. In the beginning of our show, every time people started to get close to him he created chaos to push them away. He grew up a lot, he started with a deathwish after the crash and gained a new passion for his new family, then a bigger passion with his love for Kate. Eventually, he became selfless and a fixer in his own right. His passion shifted towards Juliet and it seemed like Sawyer has completed his destiny. He started flip flopping when Kate returned but his passion is for love now and I think that is were he's heading. I think that will lead him back to his child in the end.

I was going to go through each character but that will make for a long blog and long blogs don't make it.

I'd like to see what everyone else sees for our character's and what you think their destiny will be. So please share...

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