Dr. Linus... meh

Not digging the show much anymore, seems like the writing is just going through the motions of getting to the end. Eff the mysteries, the characters are sterile now. No good dialog exchanges. Nothing witty or clever anymore. No one on the show is communicating with each other about the craziness of what is going on. Just posturing and brooding. Or a Frank one-liner. Frank is cool and all, but couldn't he have more range of emotion. He acts like he fights demons every weekend or he's an X-Man. Hurley's dude-isms is to the tenth power with Miles catching up. The exchanges between characters are all boneheaded. Only good dialog this season was between Locke and Sawyer in "The Substitute".

Jacob is too casual. Hands in his pockets, vague, boring. What's your purpose? Jacob is watching the Island go to hell. Would be cool to see him with some urgency, a plan of action, or to show some grief for his people being attacked by MIB. "Hey walk to this lighthouse.... see ya later."

Flashsideways. Either a waste of time or just too much time dedicated to it. Alternate realities or dream worlds are interesting for about one episode not seven plus. A flashback of Richard coming to the island would have been so much cooler. Richard suicidal? Don't we have enough suicidal characters, do we need to make Richard a loser too?

Now Ben. I like Ben as a snarky prick. We all like Ben as a snarky prick. I don't want Ben to join the good guys. I don't want to see Ben join with MIB either. I want Ben to be a prick, gather information, and go on his own campaign to destroy both Jacob and MIB to become sole leader of the Island. Of course, I don't need him to succeed in that mission, but that's the Ben I like. I imagine good guy Ben on the Island will be as boring as good guy Ben in the Flashsideways.

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