Seems like nothing that progressed the story from the Pilot mattered.

You die, you get a second shot on this island to make friends, you die again, you live an alternate life (that you gain nothing from) until you touch someone that reminds you of that second shot you had to make friends. Once you do you go to the afterlife with them. The End.

I mean would it have mattered if Jack got eaten by a polar bear in the first season? What enlightenment did Boone get from hopping in a plane and falling to his death? Did it matter that they left the island or went to 1977?

Did it matter that Jack put the stone back in? Why? Hurley would have just died and went to the FS and touched Libby.

Can anyone think of anything that the 815ers could have done differently, doing THIS instead of THAT, whether it would have changed them from dying going to the FS and then the Afterlife?

It seems like the quickest way to happiness in the LOST universe is to die.

Maybe you can argue that everyone has to get over something to move on to the afterlife. Okay, but there's no way you can fail, you are given unlimited shots to get over whatever that thing is that is holding you back.

Dumb story arch. The end is full of holes and the journey didn't matter what direction they went in because they couldn't fail.

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