Does anyone else think that the room under the church is a fake Dharma Station and that it can't really predict when windows will open up to get to the Island?

It always seemed weird to me that Dharma would have a station under a church in Los Angeles that determines when and where windows appear to get back to the Island. First off, when does Eloise become a part of Dharma. Second, why wouldn't Widmore and everybody else who are looking to get back to the Island never used it.

Maybe Ajira 316 would have gone through that window no matter who was on board. Maybe Eloise really knew about that plane because Daniel had wrote it in his journal and that the O6 where on that plane and they may be able to change the past under his plan. Eloise used this fake station to convince them why the Oceanic 6 had to be on Ajira 316 and she constructed a fake Dharma station under a church in the city most of them lived in to sell them the idea. I think it would have been harder for her to convince them without the station but instead with a journal and time travel story.

Maybe she played her part in this for either her son, Jacob, or Unlocke. Daniel wanted to change the past and Unlocke needed Locke's dead body on that plane to in order to inhabit Locke's body.

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