Some of the characters aren't good guys anymore. I'm having trouble remembering which characters to root for, so I made a list.

Beloved characters turned Pricks

Locke - Knifed Naomi in the back because the Island told him to. Sorry Locke maybe I'd let you slide if you only knocked her out.

Jack, Daniel, Sawyer, Juliet, and Sayid - Whether they were gung ho or reluctant about the Jughead plan. All went through with it and took innocent people out in the process. Even the ones who questioned the plan. The actions they took is the reality.

Kate - Always sucked. Selfish and self-centered. Jughead is just an add-on.

Michael - Just like the Jughead Incident, he killed innocent people to achieve what was important to him.

Sun - Selfish and self-centered. Turned Jin over to her father in the name of public image and then cheated on the man after she put Jin to her father's will.

Still part of the Good Guys.

Hurley, Jin, and Miles - had no idea what was going on during the Incident, just that Sayid was shot and they stayed in the van to take care of him. They need to separate from Jack, Kate, and Sayid at this point.

Charlie - Committed some petty crimes while a drug addict but always felt remorse. Ran a scam with Sawyer and victimized Sun, who he came clean with and apologized. Nothing done that wasn't un-redeemable. Also proved to be a true hero and self-sacrificing on several occasions.

Desmond - Great guy. Has good intentions, treats everyone with respect, and willing to be the man that is needed at any given time. A true caring person.

Penny - Cute girl, stuck with her faith in Desmond after some questionable situations. She's understanding with Desmond's need to continue his adventures and wants to join in.

Rose and Bernard - seemed pretty adaptable to their situation whether stranded on an island or stuck out of time. Good people if not all that exciting.

Boone - Good intentions guy, wants to be a hero. Died too early in the show to really know him.

Shannon - I'm on the fence with, young girl with a stuck-up attitude but she had a huge fallout after her father died. She had a lot to be upset about and being stuck-up is how she dealt with it. Died too early to grow into someone else. I'll give her a pass.

Walt - Good kid, seems to know right from wrong. He didn't approve of his father's actions.

Man I'd like to have Jack and Sawyer on here. Damn those writers for putting my favorites in the Jughead Incident. It seems like the writers are ignoring there were other people with their lives at stake on the island when they did what they did. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do but that's not me.

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