BOB: Hellooo Darlton.

DAMON & CARLTON (at the same time): Hellooo Bob.

BOB: Thanks for giving me the chance to interview you guys right after the finale. I have tons of questions that I hope you can give us some answers to.

CARLTON: That's fantastic. We'd love to answer anything that we might have missed for the fans.

DAMON: Yes, the last thing we'd want to do is leave anything unanswered in our show.

BOB: Okay, great. It's hard to choose where to start off but lets start off with a debate that recently began after the finale.

DAMON: Okay.

BOB: After the LOST logo, viewers were shown images of the 815 crashsite with no survivors. People have speculated that this meant everyone was dead since the beginning of the show. Reported by E! News, an article has been circulating stating that it was ABC that had in fact added this footage on their own, without the producers knowledge. Just so we can lay this to rest. Is this article true?

CARLTON: Absolutely true. ABC had done this without our knowledge and they are to blame for the confusion that this has caused. Next Question.

BOB: Okay, I'm not going to ask these questions in any particular order. I'm just going to jump around randomly with no real purpose.

DAMON: That's fine. Carlton and I are also fans of just moving along randomly with no real purpose.

BOB: What's the deal with the Hurley Bird first seen in "Exodus"? In the episode "Live Together, Die Alone", the bird appears again and swoops over the survivors and screeches Hurley's name. You guys introduced this bird to the show. Was this something that maybe you had an idea for in the beginning and later scraped it because the story-line changed? Or does this still fit in the story?

CARLTON: See that's the misconception right there. We did not introduce Hurley Bird to the show. What happen was we wrote "Exodus" and "Live Together, Die Alone" exactly how we wanted it. We were happy with all the editing, we turned it into ABC, went to bed, then when the episode aired, we were like "Where the hell did that bird come from?"

DAMON: That's correct Carlton. In fact, every inconsistency that anyone can find in the show is a result of ABC adding footage to the program for no reason. Why does ABC do this? Nobody knows or at least have not told Carlton or myself. But they do this all the time. They also really like putting in hieroglyphics on props.

BOB: That's really interesting. How about in your podcasts where you go into more detail about the Hurley Bird, even describing it's 16 foot wingspan?

DAMON: Hey, let's just stick to what's seen on the show Bob.

CARLTON: Right what's important on the show has always been the characters. That's what this show has always been about. I don't know how LOST got labeled as a mystery story that was going to give you "ANSWERS" to every minor thing put in the show. The fans make up these mysteries themselves. I'm sure if you were watching Law & Order and a giant green bird flew into the courtroom and screamed one of the actors names before flying away that you wouldn't be expecting an answer for that from that show. Would you?

DAMON: Plus that bird had to leave the show. It was complaining about how hot Hawaii was and then it wanted more money to come back. So we had to write it out. There are you happy? We can't control animated birds. This isn't like writing a novel!

BOB: ...

BOB: Let's talk about Anthony Cooper. How did the Other's know who he was? It seemed like they had tons of information and files on all the survivors. Details that couldn't be found easily. Like Richard had a red folder that stated that stated Anthony Cooper was Sawyer. The police had no files on this. Sawyer himself has been on a manhunt for this guy since he was a kid and couldn't find any information. How did the Others get all of this information and how did they even kidnap him and bring him to the island so quickly? There was talk about a magic box, but then there was a rebuttal seasons later that there is no magic box. Who was the paramedic who stuck him with a needle?

(Carlton looks at Damon)

CARLTON: Jacob watched it in his lighthouse and told Richard.

BOB: Really? Richard said that Jacob never told him anything or what they were to do. Are you saying that Jacob made detail reports of each survivor in these red folders after watching their life in the lighthouse, brought Cooper to the island, and then ordered that Locke or maybe anyone else would have to kill him in order for Locke to join the Others. For what reasons?

CARLTON: That's what so great about the show you just don't know.

BOB: Huh?


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