Significance of the crimson pen with a gold tip?!

I've noticed when pen is put to paper during a significant turning point of a characters life the pen is always the same crimson pen with a gold tip. What is the significance, are they signing over there destiny when they sign? Has this been discussed before? Or is it nothing?

Here are the episodes I found with the pen. There may be others...

1x10 Raised By Another - Claire is signing adoption papers to give away Aaron. First pen is out of ink then she is handed the crimson pen with gold tip.

1x11 All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues - Christain hands Jack the crimson pen with gold tip to sign that their was no malpractice in the procedure that got him disbarred.

5x16 The Incident - Little Sawyer is writing his letter during his mom and dad's funeral when his pen runs out of ink. Jacob hands Sawyer a crimson pen with gold tip to finish the letter.

Any ideas what this could mean?

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