Could babies that shouldn't have been born, but were born, be course corrections to fix paradoxes? Does the Island sometimes need people to be born in order to fulfill some sort of important destiny to correct time?

Okay, building on the the theory of Imaginary Time vs Real Time and that the Islands purpose is to stablized paradoxes while keeping Real Time free of them. Perhaps the Island in order to fix paradoxes needs to create people that otherwise wouldn't have existed to fulfill a destiny. Think about it, what if it was your job to keep time consistant. With time travel happening you have to make sure time stays on course and WHH but something knocks time out of whack and since you don't technically exist with form or substance, you can't physically change things yourself. However you can "push" events to happen and turn out in a certain way. So what you need is someone to change things for you but if you use someone that already exists then you are changing their life and may create another paradox. What you need are people (or employees) to carry out the nessesarry steps needed to keep WHH. So if you know of a miscarrage that is about to take place why not change events to have that child make it and live. Then you have someone who was never suppose to exist but does exist and you can use that person to push events back into place to keep Real Time on track.

Perhaps that is why children are special to the Others.

Locke was premature and close to dieing and then surprisingly gets heathly and makes it. It seems like he was born to one day to be inhabited by MIB to carry out a long specific destiny. Or maybe both MIB and Jacob are both Time Keepers but with conflicting ideas on how to fix time. Maybe the Yin and Yang of Time. Both have the ability to push events into motion. Maybe Jacob pushed Locke into existence to perform a duty but MIB pushed along his own agenda and changed that destiny to get to Jacob.

On a side note, perhaps there is an exchange needed to bring a new life into Real Time and someone in Real Time must also die. Boone dies at the same time Claire is giving birth to Aaron. Maybe Aaron is another person that was born to be used to fix time.

Ben's mother died during birth. Maybe Ben wasn't meant to exist either but the Island made him live and gave him a destiny or some business he had to do. As soon as Ben is born his dad runs for help and immediately finds Horace (or was he pushed) which leads to Ben and him coming to the Island. Ben runs into Richard and he discovers that Ben's mom died during birth and her ghost called Ben out that night to run into Richard. Others may have an understanding about what the Island is and it sometimes needs to create new life by creating children with a destiny. So Richard knows Ben is important at that point and will allow him to join with the Others and to just be patient. Maybe MIB pushed Ben into existance for his agenda and when Jacob asked Ben "Who are you?" it's because Ben wasn't suppose to exist.

We don't know much about the Others but maybe they are all course correction babies and since they were never meant to exist maybe that is the reason they can't have children of their own or why they don't age or die until their job is done.

This thought just popped into my head today and I wanted to throw the idea out there? What does anyone else think about this?

Also check out Mittelman's five-star blog on Imaginary Time vs Real Time since this theory is off of that one.,_or_%22The_Island_isn%27t_done_with_you_Part_III%22

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