If you plan on reading the Dark Tower series and don't want spoilers. DO NOT READ. If you haven't read the Dark Tower series I wrote this in a way I think anyone could follow.

JACK: Who are you? Who are you really? Where did you come from Jacob and what exactly do you want from me and my friends?

JACOB: You want to know the story of my life, Jack? Something tells me that you don't read Science Fiction. The origin of my life is something that would take up about seven novels. (smiles)

JACK: Hmpf. No, not really I'm not a big fan of science fiction. But you know what? I'm starting to think those books wouldn't seem so crazy to me now. I'm guessing you already knew that, you know, since you've been watching my entire life up in your little lighthouse.

JACOB: No Jack. I haven't been watching you for your entire life. It's true that I have a lot of free time, but I can only allow myself enough time to only view portions of your life. And that's not my lighthouse. What I mean is that it doesn't belong to me.

JACK: Well good then I won't have to apologize for having destroyed it then.

JACOB: If the Island wants there to be a new lighthouse it will provide a new lighthouse.

JACK: So the Island can just poof... make whatever it wants appear.

JACOB: That's right.

JACK: The Island huh? I had a friend who thought this Island could do magical things and that it was speaking directly to him. Well he believed in the Island and followed everything that it was telling him to do like a good soldier. Do you know what happened to him when he listened to the Island Jacob? It drove him crazy and he killed himself all in the name of it. Is that what the Island wants? Is that what the Island has in mind for destiny?

JACOB: It wasn't the Island that told Locke to kill himself.

JACK: No it was you! You and your smoke friend. Playing with us in your little game.

JACOB: No Jack, the Island was trying to help Locke. Help all of you in fact, to reach peace in your lives and set you on your path. I stay here to protect this Island and also to keep our smoke friend from leaving. Unfortunately, Locke's willingness and thirst for more answers from the Island allowed him to be taken advantage of by our Man In Black.

JACK: What exactly is he?

JACOB: He is a man of many names, he's ageless, and a shape shifter. Me and my friends, also first referred to him as simply the Man In Black. We hunted him for a long time Jack. Everywhere we followed he left a trail of destruction.

JACK: So you and your friends followed him huh? You seem more of a loner to me. Are your friend's gods too?

JACOB: No, none of us were or are gods Jack. We were only men and women with a destiny blessed by the song. I was only a boy when I first joined up with my friend, Roland, who I also think of as my adopted father. Born Jacob Chambers, but really everybody used to just call me Jake. I guess here on the Island I've been more formal.

JACK: Song?

JACOB: It's going to sound crazy for me to explain the song Jack. Even I only have an understanding of it myself. And I have lived a long, long, time and in many different worlds. My knowledge of the song was limited in my journey and only a little better explained once I read the books.

JACK: Well, then maybe I should just read these books then.

JACOB: That would help.

JACK: You've been to different worlds huh? So are you going to tell me you're an alien?

JACOB: No, nothing that lame. I guess what I meant to say is that I have traveled to many different Earths set in different universes.

JACK: Like alternative realities? So you were traveling from one world to the next? All when you were just a little boy then huh? Sounds exciting. Was your dad a whacky scientist?

JACOB: No, he was a big-time television advertising executive. Actually, my relationship with my father rather resembles closely to you and your father's relationship. I was well taken care of and lived what many would call a privileged life but I didn't feel close to my own biological father, who always expected the best in grades, and all else, from me. I had a closer relationship with my housekeeper then my own father.

JACK: Well you should know, you've been spying on my life and know so much about me.

JACOB: If it's any conscienlation, I was also uneasy when I found out that so many people have read about my entire life story and its intimate details. So I know where you are coming from.

JACK: What are you talking about?

JACOB: A part of my life can be found in any bookstore in many different worlds. To most of these people I am a fictional character that appeared in a 7-part series by a popular author named Stephen King referred to as The Dark Tower series. A man I had to die for in order to protect him so that he could finish his story and save all of existence.

JACK: I know who Stephen King is. You're what, telling me that you're a creation of his imagination come to life?

JACOB: This world has a Stephen King very similar to the man I protected. It's complicated but no, I'm not his creation. I was a boy, who was part of a ka-te.... part of a larger group that was on a journey. Stephen King felt our journey through what he referred to as the song of the turtle. In essence, he felt our story as we lived it and was compelled to write about it by an unknown force as we made our journey. In some ways he pushed us through our journey as a guide but the story had a life in itself. He had no power over what he was writing, but we needed him in order to finish our story.

JACK: What? Why?

JACOB: I don't have all the answers to existence, but I do have some information. All of existence rests on the strength of twelve pillars. Imagine a clock and at each number is a pillar. Each pillar has a straight line that connects to it's polar opposite number. 1 connects to 7, 2 to 8, 3 to 9, 4 to 10, 5 to 11, and 6 to 12. Can you visualize that Jack? A clock with six lines connecting each of these numbers?

JACK: Sure. What's this...

JACOB: Just let me go on. In the center of this clock all of these lines connect, true? This is where the Dark Tower rests and it was my group's destiny to make sure that the twelve pillars do not fall. The Dark Tower, as explained to me, is what holds all of existence and worlds together.

JACK: What you're telling me is a lot to take in.

JACOB: I understand. I think that's why this series was seven books long. We didn't even have any idea about the Dark Tower or what it was until much later in the future books. All we knew is that everyone in our group were compelled to each other and to join Roland in his quest to stop the Man In Black who he had been following since he was a young man. He was an old man when I first met him. Our journey would eventually lead to a tower which we only had an image of in our heads. Besides this overwhelming feeling, we knew nothing more.

JACK: And this shape shifter, the Man In Black, is this the man who now has taken on the appearance of John Locke?

JACOB: He hasn't been able to take on a physical form for a long time, or at least to hold on to it for more then a few minutes. He must have been able to bond with Locke after John was willing to sacrifice himself for his cause. In a way he, openly handed over himself completely to the Man In Black. Somehow, I'm not sure how, that allowed MIB to hold on to his physical form forever. During our quest the MIB was consumed by another demon and we thought him gone forever. However, I found out for myself someone so evil and powerful after time was able to pull himself enough together until eventually he became this cloud of smoke we know.

JACK: Wait, you said you died when you saved Stephen King's life. Doesn't that mean you survived?

JACOB: No, I died. That body was buried, Jack. However, there are other worlds then these. Also, this was not the first time that I had died. This was the end of me in King's book series however.

JACK: What are you talking about? How is what you're even saying possible?

JACOB: I first died when I was 11 years old. In 1977, a sick man pushed me in front of a taxi in New York. I awoke in what I thought was hell, a horrible, desert, twisted mirror world compared to the world in which I came from, my memory was vague for a while, I only had a few images at first of my former life, and this is where I first met Roland. Roland at that time was at a point in his journey where he was closer to the MIB then he had ever been in his long life.

Roland was a hard man who had lost everyone who ever mattered to him while he tried to reach the MIB. After he had rescued me from a desert way station I joined him on his relentless journey. We shared an instantly strong bond, which Roland later told me stories of what he knew as Ka-Tet, defined as “we are one of many”. Ka-tet is the belief that a group of people can be tied together by fate, or ka. In all worlds these people will be destined to meet and be drawn together. Being together will make them and their journey stronger.

JACK: Why was Roland after this man?

JACOB: Roland is descended from a long line of gunslingers, who were the peacekeepers and diplomats of Roland's society. Going by the guise of Martin Broadcloak, MIB had an affair with Roland's mother, Gabrielle, which was an attempt to provoke Roland into taking the gunslinger test early at the unheard age of 14. His hope was for Roland to fail, so that he will be exiled, but Roland passed the test.

JACK: What’s his angle? Why would he want to do this? Sawyer once told me a man doesn’t do something unless there’s something in it for him.

JACOB: His angle is that he gains power, supernatural power, though bringing out the worst in others. He loves to see societies fall. He enjoys his job. He rarely does the destruction by his own hand. His M.O. is to whisper in another’s ear and motivate people to take the reins of their own destruction.

JACK: His M.O.?

JACOB: Stands for Modus Operandi which is basically a person’s style in how they go about things. The corrupting of others sows a more palatable stew for him to consume. As well as the reach of the havoc that has been unleashed by others through his words. He has a knack for bringing out the worst in people. As I have said, I have traveled to many worlds when I was young, tracking this man, with Roland and the others of our Ka-Tet, nearly everywhere we followed we saw the wake of his destruction.

JACK: Dogen said that MIB is evil incarnate.

JACOB: That’s not inaccurate, he is an agent of evil, an agent of the Crimson King. Just like I am an agent of the Turtle.

JACK: What’s this about a turtle?

JACOB: All of the pillars that hold up the Dark Tower are represented by something. One of the last two pillars that remained holding up the tower before Roland succeeded in our quest is represented as a Turtle. The Turtle is part of what guided us and what guided Stephen King. The Turtle is a powerful entity that guides us on the path we want to be on. The Crimson King is there to knock us off our path. To me we all have three choices: 1. we can except and embrace the path that the Turtle lays out for us, 2. we can fall to the temptation of someone like the Crimson King, or 3. we can ignore both and try to make our own path.

JACK: And the Island brought you here?

JACOB: The song of the turtle is strong in certain places. It is very strong here, just like it was in another place where Roland was able to draw our Ka-Tet. This is a point where the Turtle can create resources for us to help anyone that is on a journey. For Roland, it created doorways into other worlds. For me, it created a lighthouse.

JACK: So you met this turtle, sat down with him?

JACOB: No Jack. It speaks indirectly, mystically, through a feeling or a vision or through an object it presents in your path. I stay here to keep guard of this man and to keep him here so he can’t begin his campaign to destroy worlds again. He’s manipulative and attempts to convince even me he’s a reformer and that he just wants to go home. He also tries to tell me or anyone that will listen he’s always been an innocent and that he only temps his victims to do their evil deeds because that’s who those people really are. His only crime is bringing it out in the open. We have a banter on whether humans are inherently good or inherently evil. He thinks I should free him because he is only like everyone else. Better in fact because it is not he that destroys worlds, it’s them. He is an expert in manipulation and lies. I need a candidate to replace me that who won’t fall prey to those lies.

JACK: But if he was an agent of evil, and this island is a place where people can find a better path. Couldn’t this man have found redemption and now be an agent for good.

JACOB: We can’t think like that Jack. This man is beyond redemption. Even here he poisons this place. He’s powerful enough to send visions of his own. Create temptation to bring people off there path and into the darkness. I think he may have toyed with your friend Charlie. He might be the one responsible for bringing a plane full of heroin to the Island after he destroyed the last of his stash and had demonstrated his desire to get that monkey off his back. (pauses and smiles) Charlie reminds me of a friend Eddie of my Ka-Tet. He was instead my brother in my world, this Jake Chambers you are speaking with. Although, I’m gifted with what Roland called “the touch”. Stephen King's Jake Chambers lives through me, once me and Eddie met up with the last surviving member of that Ka-Tet. Through that meeting that Jake's experiences became my memories. When a Ka-Tet bond is established the touch grows stronger. Which allowed for this to happen. I eventually went on my own quests until I found this Island on this world, where I was able to trap the MIB after discovering he had survived, in some form anyway. And with the Turtle's help of course. It is here that I honored my Ka-Tet and held myself to the duty of a Gunslinger.

JACK: Sawyer said he and MIB saw a blonde boy covered in blood that could be you when you were younger. He said that MIB looked freaked out when he saw him. Was it a ghost of Jake Chambers that he saw? Maybe the Jake that sacrificed himself for King.

JACOB: That's interesting. Maybe. Or it could be the ghost of Jake that Roland had killed when he dropped me off a cliff.

JACK: Wait. Roland killed you? Why?

JACOB: During our first journey, we both had finally caught up to the MIB on top of a mountain, but as luck would have it we were faced with a dilemma. I was hanging from a cliff top with only Roland's grip keeping me from my death. The MIB whispered in his ear that if he let the boy go he would sit down and speak with him. If he continued in his attempt to rescue me then Roland would never catch him again. And Roland let me go.

JACK: Really? How do you hold this guy in such high regard then?

JACOB: He made up for it. The Turtle gave him a chance at redemption. At great risk though. He traveled to my world and saved me from ever being hit by that taxi and with that created a paradox. I told you that I first met Roland at that desert Way Station after I died by taxi, but I also remember not dying since Roland had stopped that from ever happening and so I remember never having met Roland. Roland also remembers both our journey together following the Man In Black and his journey alone where he did not meet a boy. A paradox like this will wreak havoc on the mind. Your friend Desmond would tell you that when memories are not in sync the mind will go mad and die. You have to find a constant. We were in different worlds and had to be reunited in order for our minds to fix themselves. Fortunately, we were able to achieve this.

JACK: You remember all of these Jake Chambers because of this "touch" that you possess. Is that something that makes a candidate? Do any of us have this power?

JACOB: I do not remember all the Jake Chambers from all worlds. It requires something of a connection. The surviving member of our Ka-Tet, her name is Susannah. When she entered our world she found us and when that happened that connection I spoke of happened. And because of our proximity with her and my brother Eddie, I was able to pass my touch through all of us. My touch also allows me a greater feeling with the Island and access to the Turtle. I believe John Locke also has the same touch that I possess. He believed that he held communion with this Island. However, this Island is a portal to other worlds and the song of the turtle is strong here. Locke was actually receiving the turtle's guidance. His touch grew stronger because you and your friends are Ka-Tet and this was the first time you were all brought together. John was able to feel Charlie's addiction and felt compelled to help him beat it. He found Walt's dog Vincent. But instead of reuniting Walt with his dog, he gave the dog to Michael because he felt the distance between the two of them. The song also let John know the layout of the land, when I would rain, and where he had to be.

JACK: What... like it led Locke to the Hatch?

JACOB: I think so. Didn't you notice, he was the one the would stumble upon nearly every next step, would be in places at the right time, and that he seemed to have an insight into what everyone else was thinking or feeling? Remember when you followed you dad off a cliff and Locke just happen to be there to grab your arm.

JACK: Of course I remember. Now you're going to tell me he was there because he felt compelled to be there. That something bad was about to happen to me if nobody was there.

JACOB: Now your starting to understand. And Jack didn't you find some type of closure here on the Island between you and your dad. Thanks to Sawyer, who had just recently met a proud father, drunk at a bar, who didn't have the guts to tell his own son how grateful he was for him and how much that he loved him.

JACK: Yeah. When I left this Island. I guess when we all left, we all felt incomplete. Is this because we parted ways. Our Ka-Tet was broken. Even me and Sawyer huh, are "one of many".

JACOB: Yes, even though your not getting along at the moment you share a khef. You're group is not as strong when on bad terms.

JACK: So is everybody’s life like a game of chess that the Turtle and this Crimson King just move around on a chess board with the help of their agents.

JACOB: It can be but only if you allow them to. You can move like you’re your own piece. Or you can accept help just like you can accept corruption into your life. In some hot spots like this Island, you receive better reception to one or the other. When pieces team up together they become more powerful then they would be alone, like in the game of chess.

JACK: So we all have free will.

JACOB: Absolutely. We all have free will but we also all receive guidance in life. Both the right kind and the wrong kind. This Island is a great magical place for those of us that are LOST. The Island is constantly drawing people to this place to find themselves and to give out second chances. Like it did for my Ka-Tet and for yours. If I’m not here I’m afraid the MIB could corrupt this place and sink it. He is powerful here and is a poison in this place. However, having him here provides a greater test of character. Having a little bit of evil to truly overcome for those brought here.

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