I have a few questions about what the future holds for Lostpedia.

My point of view on the show as a whole is not the accepted one and I acknowledge that. I honestly have no desire to convince anyone that my way is the right way but I am not going to change my opinion to please others either. What I am wondering is what is the policy going to be from now on as regards to things like Theories in the main Wiki.

Up until now anyone has been free to suggest their own interpretations of pretty much anything is that going to change now that it is over? Do you plan to go through and remove anything that does not line up with the final official 'answers' no matter what they might be?

For example I find the powers that the Protectors of the Island seem to have to be rather huge things. For Fake Mom to say she made it so the Brothers could not hurt each other is an amazing claim. If true that means that somehow she can control the actions of others through some mystical means. Of course since Jacob did indeed kill his brother perhaps her claim was just a lie. If true it begs the question of how.

To me this implies powers on the level of gods. I would like to explore that and would contribute to the Theories in certain areas if this is acceptable. But to do so I know that I would make suggestions that would contradict certain elements of the show as presented. This is not a problem for me because I see so many inconsistances in the Plot that it is still very open to interpretation. However so many people seem so offended by my stance on the show I do not wish to incure even more hostility by suggesting that Jacob was not simply a man but in fact something far greater.

A little guidance would be appreciate. If it would be best for me to shut up then I will do so.

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