I have been reading Lostipedia for a couple of years now. Since I watched the show for the mysteries I found this place endlessly fascinating. Kudos to all the intelligent and thoughtful people who put so much effort into trying to understand what was really going on.

Now that the series is over I have watched with dismay as those people who did not like how the show ended have been bashed and insulted. Anyone who watches anything should have the right to express their opinion without being attacked. I agree there is no reason to curse the Creators or those who loved the ending but all this hostility in what was once a very friendly place is disappointing.

But I think there is more to it than just different opinions. This leads to the point of this Blog post.

Never in my experience has the Creative Team behind a show blatantly lied about certain aspects of the show. I am thinking specifically about Time Travel and Purgatory. The normal way to handle questions that the Creators do not want to answer is to simply say 'I won't answer that'. It is hard to argue with the results of their actions though. For 6 years they have had a hit show and a world full of fans.

But in the end they also pissed off a whole lot of people. So my question to all the people here has a few different parts but the basic one is this:

Is it acceptable to lie in this fashion?

If you are one of the people who feel let down by the ending would you feel less angry if they had not done what they did? If you had watched the show because you assumed it would have have had a more complete set of answers would it still bother you as much?

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