Lost: Purgatory (L:P or just LP)

Lost: Official (L:O or just LO)

Lost: Basic (L:B or LB)

In talking to people both here and in other places I have come to see 3 different ways to view the show. Even though I happen to prefer LP I accept the others as valid. LO is the one that has the blessings (such as they are) from the Production Team (ie. Island real, FST afterlife).

LP, my personal choice, is the 'everyone died in the crash' or the Jacob's Ladder approach. Some have suggested to me that the very name Jacob is a huge clue to the truth of this interpretation but I feel that is probably a bit of a reach.

However I find the idea of Lost: Basic to be interesting. In it the FST is just flat out ignored. The Island is real and so there are answers to how things happened. To those interesting in LB the challenge is to put a lot of seemingly disconnected parts into a unified whole.

What I always found missing from Lost was the simple question of 'Why?'. So many times during the run of the series someone said 'We have to go do...' and no reason was given. In these sorts of situations the average person would want to know 'Why?'. The question of why is usually directly connected to what we call answers so I guess the lack of questions from the Characters themselves is not surprising.

The point of all of this is that LP & LO are final statements on the show. For different reasons they lay it to rest and make further speculation kinda pointless. It may be fun for some which is fine but for me it seems like a waste of time.

But from the LB point of view the Island could still be explained. With the series as a whole to use a reasonable explanation of what was shown could be developed. In such a creation what was spoken directly by any Character would have to be viewed like normal human testimony. What that means is it is highly suspect and subject to any number of conditions and modifiers.

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