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    So in the end...

    June 13, 2010 by TheDarqueOne

    The problem is that Lost for all it's good points is still just a TV Show. Because of that it was subjected to pressure to maintain it's audience along the way. While I accept the Producers had a basic plan as things went along they did more and more just to keep us watching. So as people look at the entirety of Lost how can you tell what is properly part of the Story and what is not?

    I have been told by people who's wisdom and intelligence I respect that all works of Art should be judged solely on their own merit. No one person, not even the Author, has a monopoly on the truth of the work. The Author may see things one way but each Reader has the right to see it another.

    The last TV Show I watched on a weekly basis was Buffy the Vampire Sla…

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  • TheDarqueOne

    My question to the crowd is about Jacob. Now that we can see the whole Story what do you think about him?

    1) Clueless 2) Crazy 3) Gifted with Knowledge 4) Blessed with Power 5) None of the above.


    Jacob said he did not know how to kill MIB. After 2,000 years his whole plan was what exactly? It seemed it was 'let MIB do what he wants because he will somehow fail'. It worked of course but try passing that off as a plan in any other situation and see what it gets you.

    Smokey did not seem to know he was going to become mortal as a result of the cork being pulled. He believed it would sink the Island and leave the World intact. My guess is that he was right about that.


    2,000 years is a long, long, long time to play cat and mouse with a ki…

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  • TheDarqueOne

    Lost: Purgatory (L:P or just LP)

    Lost: Official (L:O or just LO)

    Lost: Basic (L:B or LB)

    In talking to people both here and in other places I have come to see 3 different ways to view the show. Even though I happen to prefer LP I accept the others as valid. LO is the one that has the blessings (such as they are) from the Production Team (ie. Island real, FST afterlife).

    LP, my personal choice, is the 'everyone died in the crash' or the Jacob's Ladder approach. Some have suggested to me that the very name Jacob is a huge clue to the truth of this interpretation but I feel that is probably a bit of a reach.

    However I find the idea of Lost: Basic to be interesting. In it the FST is just flat out ignored. The Island is real and so there are answers…

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  • TheDarqueOne

    I have a few questions about what the future holds for Lostpedia.

    My point of view on the show as a whole is not the accepted one and I acknowledge that. I honestly have no desire to convince anyone that my way is the right way but I am not going to change my opinion to please others either. What I am wondering is what is the policy going to be from now on as regards to things like Theories in the main Wiki.

    Up until now anyone has been free to suggest their own interpretations of pretty much anything is that going to change now that it is over? Do you plan to go through and remove anything that does not line up with the final official 'answers' no matter what they might be?

    For example I find the powers that the Protectors of the Island seem…

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  • TheDarqueOne

    I accept that the way the Creators want us to see Lost but I choose otherwise. They say the Island is real and that only the FST was Purgatory. But since they choose not to explain much of anything I choose to see the entire show as a long version of Jacob's Ladder ie... they were dead from the beginning.

    To me this at least makes sense and ties it all up into a complete package. No need to explain what the Island really is since it was not normal space. They died by crashing onto the Island and stumbled away from their bodies. I really believe that this was the intent from the beginning but that it changed after the first season or so. Considering I thought they were all dead at the end of the Pilot I can see why they decided to change the…

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