I just finished watching season 6 again. The first time through I'll admit I thought it was the weakest season, but after watching the whole series again I realize that there was no "weakest season". the entire drama was amazing, engrossing, mesmerizing, and more beautiful than any other television program ever made. "The End" made me weep more than I ever have for any human being and I just want to say that all my critical attitude towards season 6 in earlier posts were unjustified, and after watching the 6 seasons all-together they were close to perfect. Sure, any TV program has its faults, and we can all agree Lost had its mis-steps and some failures (How could you let Mr. Eko go, and we all know Nikki and Paulo was a big mistake), but at its core Lost was the more of a humanitarian show than any of the other programs of our generation. If you think on all the other great television programs of our era (the Wire, the Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc.) none of those works strived toward redemption and forgiveness or failures as much as Lost did. It was as much of a Judeo-Christian program as it was a Lutheran work of art, Islamic admission of guilt, and Buddhist recollection of past deeds as any distinctly religious work has ever been; all the while showcasing faith, the necessity for peace, and the overcoming of mankind's sins and disappointments, more so than any other work of popular fiction that I've ever seeen. I'm sorry I looked down upon season 6 previously, for it is truly a masterpiece in its on right, and the show as a whole does more to promote humanitarianism than anything else I've ever watched and been entertained by (and that last part is key). Lost was more of a character study of redemption than anything else, and as a man of faith I thank the writers for pointing out an important aspect(redemption) of any society that has been overlooked and somehow downgraded in western culture.

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