This is a script of an idea I had for what the final scene of the series should be. No spoilers here (I hope, because if this is how it ends we'll all be a little peeved) just for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!

The camera closes in on Jack's face. It zooms in on his eye. Jack blinks. then the flashback sound begins.

CUT TO a computer screen. A sentence is being typed. focus on the line as it appears on the screen, "Jack blinked. He couldn't believe his eyes." In the background we hear thunder. It is dark and pouring rain outside.

CUT TO a view from the back of the man sitting at the computer. He has stopped typing since he finished "He couldn't believe his eyes." He stretches his arms up, cracks his knuckles, and puts his hands behind his head in a relaxing posture. He breathes in and exhales a breath of satisfaction.

PAN around his head. Onimous sounds that always show up when something is revealed on the show begin to sound. When the camera finishes rotating around his head we see that the writer is Stephen King. From behind him we see his wife walk into the room.

TABITHA: Did you finish it honey?

STEPHEN: Yeah, I think I finally wrapped this one up.

TABITHA: Thats good. You've been working of it for six years.

STEPHEN: Yeah, its been quite an epic journey for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Now its finally come to an end.

A lightning bolt flashes otuside of the window, quickly followed by a roar of thunder. The power goes out briefly. The King's look slightly startled. Stephen turns in his computer chair to look behind him at his wife. Then after a few seconds the power flickers back on.

STEPHEN: That was spooky.

TABITHA: Aye, it was. Good thing the power wasn't out for long.

STEPHEN: Umm-hmm.

He turns in his chair back to the computer screen. CUT TO: A view of the screen. It's still blacked out, shut down by the power outage. We see Stephen's reflection in it. His facial expression changes from a look of relief to slight terror.

CUT TO a close-up of Stephen's face.


TABITHA: What dear?

STEPHEN: I don't think I clicked save. (He thinks for a second) I didn't. Damnit!


STEPHEN: Now this whole story is...

CUT TO the LOST title card. End.

--ThatsMySon! 05:26, February 2, 2010 (UTC)--ThatsMySon! 05:26, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

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