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  • ThatsMySon!

    The End

    February 22, 2011 by ThatsMySon!

    I just finished watching season 6 again. The first time through I'll admit I thought it was the weakest season, but after watching the whole series again I realize that there was no "weakest season". the entire drama was amazing, engrossing, mesmerizing, and more beautiful than any other television program ever made. "The End" made me weep more than I ever have for any human being and I just want to say that all my critical attitude towards season 6 in earlier posts were unjustified, and after watching the 6 seasons all-together they were close to perfect. Sure, any TV program has its faults, and we can all agree Lost had its mis-steps and some failures (How could you let Mr. Eko go, and we all know Nikki and Paulo was a big mistake), but …

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  • ThatsMySon!

    Anyone else think that the cave was MIB's location? The place where he kept up with Jacob's candidates and not necessarily Jacob's location like he stated to Sawyer. the cave is a dark place, the nemesis is the Man in black, the lighthouse represents a place of light and guidance and Jacob is supposedly on the side of the white. So the Lighthouse was Jacob's place where he kept up with his candidates and the cave was MIB's. At least thats what I'm thinking now.

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  • ThatsMySon!

    The Candidates

    February 17, 2010 by ThatsMySon!

    Like most Lost fans I thought "The Substitute" was an excellent episode. The list of the candidates is maybe the most intriguing part of the episode and I have a quick theory on how I think the candidates will get weeded down as the season goes along.

    4 - Locke - dead, and presumably out of the running since MIB has taken over his form. Locke is an amazing character and I know a lot of you haven't given up hope that he'll be resurrected in some way, but going along with the show's rule that "Dead is dead" I can't join that club. If it happens cool, but until I see some evidence that someone can come back to life on the island I"m ruling Locke out.

    8 - Reyes - I think Hurley will be somewhat easily manipulated by the MIB because of the number…

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  • ThatsMySon!

    This thought just crossed my mind. In The Incident Jacob said that "it only ends once. Everything before that is just progress."

    Now after Jacob was stabbed he fell into the fire and turned to ash. Pheonixes are supernatural beings that burn up and are born again from their ashes. What if that's what happens to Jacob? Everytime he dies he turns into ash, the ash the others use to block the MIB. Also he is born again, i.e. as a child perhaps, and he was the kid running through the jungle who MIB and Sawyer saw. He'd come back to make sure that the next Protector was chosen or something like that.

    I don't have a lot of hard evidence to back this up but I have wondered about the ash that Ilana and the Others use. Maybe Jacob never really dies a…

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  • ThatsMySon!

    This is a script of an idea I had for what the final scene of the series should be. No spoilers here (I hope, because if this is how it ends we'll all be a little peeved) just for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!

    The camera closes in on Jack's face. It zooms in on his eye. Jack blinks. then the flashback sound begins.

    CUT TO a computer screen. A sentence is being typed. focus on the line as it appears on the screen, "Jack blinked. He couldn't believe his eyes." In the background we hear thunder. It is dark and pouring rain outside.

    CUT TO a view from the back of the man sitting at the computer. He has stopped typing since he finished "He couldn't believe his eyes." He stretches his arms up, cracks his knuckles, and puts his hands behind his hea…

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