Hello My Fellow Lostpedians:

Well it seems as though everyone's collective brain broke this month, and to either the joy or chagrin of every one of us, we the distinguished Lostpedia frequenters, some pretty wacky topics arose. As it appears to be winding down, I will now summarize what we have learned about ourselves lately.

  • We range in age from 12 to late 60's.
  • We are apparently everywhere in the world.
  • There are a lot of females on here (this shocked me, and made the whole thing feel slightly more socially acceptable).
  • Our Favorite Characters are Sawyer, Desmond, Ben, Locke and Jack
  • Our Least Favorite Characters are Shannon, Ana Lucia, and, oddly enough, Jack (a very divisive character, I guess).
  • Also, Phil managed to make it to the near top of our collective Most Disliked list in a shockingly low number of episodes, giving him the highest Dick Moves to Episode ratio (DM:E) of the entire bunch (besides maybe Anthony Cooper). Imagine if he had been around since the beginning!
  • Most of us would like to open a restaurant with Hurley (gotta be the garlic mayo), while another large chunk would open a Long John Silver's franchise with Jin
  • Sawyer, Desmond, and Jin topped the hottest males list, while Kate, Claire and Shannon were neck and neck for females. Sun had a sturdy following as well.
  • Everyone's favorite one episode characters were Dave, hurley's imaginary buddy, and Juliets husband, who is currently stuck in the front grill of a bus
  • Beardo is going to Comic-Con as The Island. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • Apparently, Kate vs. Ana Lucia would be one hell of a fight
  • Most of us would like to see Locke and Charlie be raised from the dead. There was also a strong following for Jacob, and several people won't let the Libby thing die.
  • At one point or another, every Lost character has gotten OWNED (or PWNED, as the kids are saying these days)
  • The most popular fight was Sawyer and Jack's recent junk-crushing Rumble in the Jungle, though several Ben beatdowns were mentioned as well. His head must be like soft cantaloupe by now.
  • Eamezey dreams in episode form. This is apparently very common amongst us.
  • Our favorite topics for discussion (besides polls of course) are: Season 6 beginning scene, Is Locke dead, Is Locke possessed from the very beginning, who are adam and eve (STILL), and why we all hate Kate so much.
  • We are all awesome, amazing, and supremely anxious individuals.

SOOOO thats about the collective knowledge gleaned from this wacky month of blogging. I know it bothered some to have so many 'frivolous' topics, but I found it amusing and enlightening. Here's to 6 more months of grasping at straws, until they finally give us some new ammunition! I love you crazy kids.

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