This is an extension of Celebok's excellent categorization of the Lost mysteries, which you can find a couple blogs below this one. I highly recommend reading it, as it does an excellent job putting everything in its proper place.

Just as much the mysteries fall into a hierarchy of importance, so too do our cast of characters. With that in mind, I wonder who will be given a good ending, true absolution, in Season 6. I am going on the idea that not everyone will make it to the very end, and that some characters' destinies are simply more important.

Who do you think deserves a transcendent ending?

Personally, I think there are only two characters that will directly achieve a true and absolute conclusion: Jack and Locke. Yes, Locke is dead, but I can't believe he will not truly be vindicated in the end. As for Jack, he is indeed the central character, and he and his family will undoubtedly end up having some sort of higher purpose.

I feel characters like Sayid and Sawyer, while monumental to the show, will probably have more terrestrial endings, namely I think Sayid will die and Sawyer will die or survive to be re-united with his daughter, given the chance to make right with his offspring. Sawyer, to me and many others, is a lot like Han Solo. He helps the cast move toward its ending, but doesn't himself get shown any kind of higher purpose.

Everyone else for me is a mixed bag. I think Desmond should have more importance, but I worry he won't. Hurley is a character that has been speculated to be more important than he appears, but I am not really sure that is the case.

As for Kate, she being the only relevant female character still alive, well... I don't know about her.

So what do u think? Who survives? Who is given a higher purpose in the end? Who will be flicked into the ashbin of Lost history? Could they COLLECTIVELY reach a conclusion, or will each ending be separate and personal?? Thoughts!

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