So let's talk Black v. White here. Now, it has been a couple days since I've been able to read the blogs so I may have missed someone already mentioning this.

In the opening scene, Jacob is wearing white, and King Bowser is wearing black (that is his name right??). These clothing choices, taken on their own, are rather heavy-handed symbolism. Just for the edification of anyone who doesn't know: In western culture and storytelling, white=good and black=baaaaaad. How this has affected American social dynamics has yet to be seen (read with sarcasm in mind).

Anyway, on its own, the scene implies that our boy Jacob is good, and Buffalo Bill is EVIL. HOWEVER, 2 hours later, we are given yet another rather heavy symbolic gesture: BOOM! LOST in black, appearing on a white screen, a NEGATIVE exposure of what we are used to seeing at the end of our show.

These two moments, separated from one another, are Symbolism 101, but when COMBINED, they cause the unquenchable Lost Nerd Brain to go into a tailspin. Such thoughts arise: In the Lost universe, does white mean black? Does black mean white?? Is gray even grayer?!??

The real question is this: is Our Boy Jacob not the good guy we are supposing he is? Is Galactus actually the good, sympathetic character, a prisoner to an Evil Jacob Usurper?? My head is spinning like a top! What are your thoughts, Brother and Sisters in Arms?

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