I often snoop this lovely site, reading article after article, and I think its incredible to see the variety of opinions, about which season is best, which episode, which finale, etc.

Tomorrow we begin the GREAT REWATCH, and before that I wanted to know what Lost's greatest fans thought about how this season, its finale, and its episodes stack up against the rest. As for me, my list goes like-a dis:

Season 5>4>1>3>2... and I'm hoping to tack a '6' on the front of that a year from now.

Finale 5>3>4>1>2... again, lets pray for 6 to kill it

Episodes that stack up: The opening pentateuch (first 5 episodes...hehe) were all exceptional, fast-paced and rich with character, plot, and mythology. The final 6, beginning with 'Dead is Dead' brought everything to a chilling and powerful climax, while giving us a little taste of the story's mind-boggling scope.

'The Variable' gets better and more tragic with each viewing, 'Follow the Leader' was like a brilliant diving dig in volleyball, setting up the powerful 2-hour spike that was "The Incident, Pts. 1 & 2".

And a lot of people have shrugged off "Some Like It Hoth", but I found it to be an exceptionally written and well-paced episode, one that ends on a very touching moment between father and son (one of the show's first parental success stories!).

For me, the episodes ranged greatly in quality this year, with some that were exceptional (the aforementioned Brilliant Bookends), and some that were real duds, by Lost standards (the mildly snubbed middle section, which worked well as a group, but didn't have many standout, standalone episodes, in my opinion). And again, that finale was probably one of the best episodes ever produced, if not the absolute best. I've watched it 5 times so far (gulp!)

When we look back at Lost years from now, I'll bet this season will end up being the most divisive of all (so far) for us Lost nerds/geeks/hot chicks, as it will be for the casual viewer. I have found that most either put it on top or on bottom of their favorites, while very few people think it was in right down the middle. I think that's pretty cool though, and it speaks to the larger debate that will continue for as long as we have the energy.

In this way, Lost seems to be setting itself for a Beatles-esque legacy, where people just discuss to oblivion which piece of the puzzle is best, where everyone has a differing, passionate opinion, and where everyone is more or less correct in their stance. This happened and continues to happen with the Beatles and their incredibly strong catalog of music, and its beginning to happen as we draw closer to Lost's conclusion. This is a clear sign of consistently stellar bodies of work, and the attention they both receive is a treatment rarely given on such a grand scale. I hope generations to come will experience this show as we have done, and will continue to be blown away, moved, and energized by its brilliance.

So: What do your lists look like? Rank the seasons, the finales, and tell which episodes from this past season will go down in the pantheon of greats.

Thanks! I love you crazy kids!

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