That finale was breath-taking. Here are my thoughts (it's long-winded but brilliantly written, I promise):

  • Jacob and unnamed man are brilliant additions. I hope they both return in 3/4 of a year (derp!).
  • Locke is dead! Nameless guy has been using his form! This brings up many points: a) I thought Terry O'Quinn's turn as an uber-confident Locke was actually laying it on a bit thick, UNTIL I realized he has been playing a completely different person lately. If you watch his performance with that in mind, it's an astonishing and thoroughly conceived portrayal. Even his mannerisms have been affected by the change. b) Who will play nameless guy next season? Will he remain in Locke or appear as himself? We'll see in 9 months (gorf!)
  • I have never been so utterly wiped clean of skepticism as I was last night. This show answered SO MANY QUESTIONS, and then it expanded the story once again. More importantly though, that episode took so many of our questions and all the conflicts and stories we've seen so far, and made them seem almost petty and inconsequential. I say this in the best way possible of course! I think Jacob and Friend's chessly black and white clothes were a great way to summarize the situation we are in: two men, beyond anything we've seen thus far, are controlling destinies and lives like so many pawns on a board. A greater struggle has been alluded to for years and now we will get it, in a little under 40 weeks (ZANG!)
  • In a similar vein, I put up a little poll yesterday about WHH vs WHWH (What Happened Won't Happen). It was a tight race, with WHH squeaking out the victory. Of course, we really didn't get any kind of confirmation about who was actually right, but I am not too bothered by that. In fact, if I were to poll again, knowing what I know now, I think would put up a third option: "Does it even matter?", or DIEM to us internet hipsters. This option wouldn't be for those who think our petty squabbling is useless, but for those who believe the larger picture will drown out everything we've seen so far. FOR EXAMPLE: How small does the Dharma Initiative look now?? What a silly bunch of hippies! I myself am a DIEM convert, and can't wait to see how history is completely obliterated, and how it affects our little lovable chess pieces. This will all begin to happen on the NEXT NEW EPISODE OF LOST, which starts in just around 300 days (PANKEY!)
  • I found it pretty hilarious that Richard showed Ben and Flocke this secret rock entrance to Jacob's lair, and as soon as they got in there, the camera revealed this humongous skylight in the top of his house. So much for being secretive! Will Jacob get a screened-in porch? We shall see in roughly 7200 hours (GERTRUDE!)
  • Sayid will live. Poor Juliet, untouched by Jacob, has gone to TV pilot heaven. What a tragic figure she was, even before her death! Well at least we still get to see more of that completely 3 dimensional character Kate (cough) in just over 432,000 minutes (WHY!??!!?)
  • Other quick notes now that I've run out of units of time: Phil is dead (yay!), as are Dharma Henchmen #1-15, and possibly everyone else. I was really hoping to see Radzinsky die, but it's comforting to know he'll blow his head off soon enough.
  • Bernard and Rose are awesome! I howled at Bernard's wild man entrance. I would be satisfied with that as a conclusion to their tale. They aren't interested in all of the BS, so they're chilling, happy as mangy, feral clams.
  • Ilana and Co have been alive for a while as well. Maybe as long a Jacob and his Unnamed Murderer-to-Be. I think Ilana was slowly dealing with leprosy in her flashback, unable to die from it. I like Bram, what a big galoot. Also I like the revelation of Locke's corpse. The camera move mimicked the end of Season 4. Very nice!
  • I hope that there is a couple out there, who, in the excitement of finishing the season, had wild, crazy sex right afterwards. I hope they get pregnant and allow the fetus to gestate and grow to term. I hope they have this child the day before the next new episode of Lost airs, and are able to sit down with their new bundle of joy, and show it how amazing the world can be. I hope they name the baby Vincent (boy or girl).
  • Well, that's it, sorta. I guess I need to re-connect with friends now. I can't speculate about hippos and Moses all summer. It would KILL ME. I say this of course, knowing full well I'll be back, theorizing away like some looney, trying to fill in each of the 25,920,000 Lost-free seconds I have until Season 6 (AAAAAHHHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I FORGOT ABOUT SECONDS!!! NOOOOOOOOO!)

- - - Please write as much as you want. I've got time.

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