This is a question that sprang from a recent blog (see: How old is faraday?), but I feel it merits a discussion of its own. I could be wrong.

Could Eloise be pregnant with Penny in 1977? I noticed that people are assuming it is Faraday, but consider these humble bullet points:

  • Faraday being born in 1977 implies he was a professor at Oxford at 18. Unless we are working in the Doogie Howser universe, this is an incredible feat!
  • Almost nothing has been confirmed about Penny, including her mother, age, etc. While her being born in 1977 is also stretching it a bit young, she has virtually no restrictions in her back story to contradict this idea, whereas Faraday has the above (Prof at 18)
  • Penny looks (and sounds) like a much better example of what Charles' and Eloise's child might look like. She looks almost identical to 1977 Eloise in fact. This isn't an argument against Faraday being their child, but if two blue-eyed Britons can produce a brown-eyed American, I imagine they could have a blue-eyed Briton as well.
  • I read the opening scene of 'The Variable' (with Faraday at the piano at 9 or so) as the first time Eloise had seen her son since she shot the Jeremy Davies' version on the island. She saw him and was crying, overtaken with the thought that she was visiting a lost cause, a ghost of a son she doesn't really know and recently murdered. It's like coming from someone's funeral and seeing baby pictures of that very same person, when their whole life was still ahead of them. Seeing a younger, more innocent version of a person now dead.
  • If this were the case, a 9 or 10 year old Faraday in 1977-8 would add up with Jeremy's real birth year, which is 1968 or 9.

Sorry this is a bit long-winded. I noticed that this website has Faraday being born in 1978, as if to confirm that, in "Follow the Leader", Eloise is in fact preggers with our favorite astrophysicist. Is there any evidence that can make us set this in stone yet? What are your thoughts about Penny being yet another Widmore/Ellie love child?

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