I think one of the most incredible elements of this past season was the fact that John Locke actually died, and besides kind of feeling bad for him in "Jeremy Bentham", it really went unnoticed. To me this makes it all the more shocking and heart-breaking. The man's death was truly as inconsequential as his life. His flashbacks always indicated that the only thing he was ever good for was getting hoodwinked by others and his death this season was just the final, fatal dupe.

Brilliantly done by the writers and producers, almost poetic and really the most apt death for such a life, but I think us fans have to stop and realize: John Locke is as dead as any character that has ever died on the show. He's as dead as Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Mr. Eko, Juliet, etc. However, unlike those characters, he was given no fan fare, just used, killed, and then used again. The impact of his death was lost because we all thought he was born again on the island. But we were wrong (save a few intrepid theorists).

Recognize! John Locke, 1956-2008. Dead as a doornail.

It would only be appropriate to ask if anyone has any theories that would bring this man back. Obviously his form will be back as a vessel for another, but I am talking about the ACTUAL JOHN LOCKE. And if so, do we want him back? Would John Locke's return negate the power of his death in the grand scheme of things?

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