Dr. Jack Shepherd: Let's get it allll out in the open

Alright folks: sure it's the middle of the summer, and yes, we've just been smacked with a lame 'University' DVD tie-in thing, but I swear this isn't the byproduct of mid-summer boredom and overwhelming Lostual frustration:

Am I the only one who likes Jack? It appears that he gets a lot of stick from the crowd at large, and is often grouped with the useless, not-as-hot-as-she-used-to-be likes of Kate. Recently, people are even going to the lengths of cutting him out of circle graphs! I mean seriously: CIRCLE GRAPHS! This is the lowest of the low (I am of course just kidding Dr. Ceregini)!

But seriously, let's put it all on the table: Who here likes Jack? Who here does not like Jack? Who here wants to have his over-emotional babies? Who here wants to hit him with a flaming shovel shaped like his ex-wife and bury him face-down in Paolo's crotch?

Please provide an explanation, as I simply don't understand the Jack bashing. Also, if anyone can list all the episodes he cried in, I will give you 5 bonus points.

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