Alright, so this guy seems all powerful and mightily irrelevant all at once. Here are some questions that bounce around my large, almost spherical head when I think about the man from London.

1) How did he go from jungle running crazy man to international, sailboat racing billionaire in the span of what seems only a few years? You could say 12 years (1992 to 2004) was enough time to somehow strike it rich (could have bought or something and sold it for a pretty 'penny'- eh? get it? ok sorry back to the point), but consider the fact that he already seemed wildly rich in Desmond's flashbacks, some of which must have taken place only a few short years after he was booted from Pleasure Island. How did he get the loot??

2) What in the name of Jacob happened to him on the island to get him kicked off? Was Nemesis working his magic back then? Does it matter to any of you out there?

3) How does he have a son like Daniel Faraday? Where did those genes (nevermind the accent!) come from??

4) What about Penny? When was she born, and to whom? Many argued with me when I proffered the idea that it was PENNY in Eloise's tum tum during the The Incident, but my god would that make more sense than Daniel. Anyway, no proof for that one, one way or another, but how does SHE fit in?

5) The ultimate question really is: Will he have a role in the story next season? I feel like he is in some middle ground of power, where he is stronger than Ben (on a global scale) but not as powerful as the demigods chilling on the beach (Jacob and Bocaj, which is a name I just made up for the man in black)

Please enlighten me, my lovely Lostpedians.

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