Could the Smoke Monster and the Ring of Ash encircling Jacob's cabin be byproducts of the same being, a being that was once burned alive, or possibly blown to kingdom come sometime in the past?

Does anyone else feel that, up to this point, the trip back to the 1970's DI has been relatively devoid of revelation? I assume the finale will have some whoppers, and the season has been wildly fascinating, but I feel as if the whole experience has been dealt with rather superficially. How about Faraday in Ann Arbor?

Are the more blatant continuity errors of this past season actually going to pay off? I ask this primarily in reference to Little Ben's magical traversing bullet wound. In "Follow the Leader", even Sayid was certain he had killed him! Seems fishy/potentially amazing... What does everyone think?

This is my first blog post, I hope it serves as some good Lost fodder!

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