Just letting you all know that it has been just over two months since our stirring season 5 finale. Its going by pretty fast I would say. Or not. Anyway, just thought you all should be aware that we are getting there.

How has everyone been filling all of their Lost-less time? Are you guys participating THE GRAND LOST REWATCH? I can say for myself that I have been. I was amazed at those first couple episodes of season one when Ethan gets introduced. They are still incredibly intense, even after many viewings. That dude is creepy.

I've also been watching season 5 again. Let me tell you, I can say without hyperbole that it is 1000% better the second time around. Ok not that much, but even still, The Variable is very tragic knowing the outcome, as is the entire Locke being possessed storyline. Watching them again has convinced me he was possessed only after Ben killed him. Terry O'Quinn is playing a completely different person the second half of the season! Whatever your thoughts on that, season 5 is even more amazing on second viewing. The writers were really working on a much higher, subtler level than ever before. Some of the revelations hit you hard without ever really being expressed outright on the show.

By the way, I am enjoying the recent blast of polls on the blog. I never realized how many people thought Desmond is hot or that Jack is a complete tool. So in the spirit of Poll Season, here's one: Who's stories are done on Lost? We've seen Desmond happy with his lady and boy, Locke is dead...ish, and Faraday is most certainly dead. However, we have yet to learn of Faraday's journeys in Ann Arbor, or to see any reason for the island 'not being done' with Mr. Hume. On top of this, it appears they're gearing up to bring every bloody dead person back next season. Will Shannon marry Nemesis, so he can finally just chill out and enjoy the tropical paradise he is stuck on? Will Charlie teach Charles and Lil Charlie guitar lessons and take it on the road, until they all succumb to crippling heroin addictions? Will Jack and Claire accidentally kiss, a la Luke and Leia? What are you to make of all these people and their respective life threads, my little droogies?

Alright, that's not a very good fluff poll question... How about: if you had to choose one character to open a restaurant with, who would it be and why? Bonus points for telling us what type of cuisine you would serve. Ah, there it is: nice and fluffy.

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