• That Dude That Was Sucked Into The Turbine

    Hello Everyone,

    I haven't been on in a long while, but have been watching breathlessly since Groundhog's Day. I write because I am hosting a big LOST finale party, and to kick things off we are doing LOST Team Trivia. I am doing it like your average pub quiz, with 4 quarters of questions and different fun things in between each of those.

    I need the help of LOST junkies such as yourselves to give me good questions. I am trying to have a range of difficulty, from wildly easy (e.g. What was the airline and flight number of the plane that first brought the Losties to the Island?) to one or two exceedingly difficult ones (e.g. On what date did the Purge occur? -or- e.g. What three languages can Charlotte speak?) I'm looking for weird and funny on…

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  • That Dude That Was Sucked Into The Turbine

    This is an extension of Celebok's excellent categorization of the Lost mysteries, which you can find a couple blogs below this one. I highly recommend reading it, as it does an excellent job putting everything in its proper place.

    Just as much the mysteries fall into a hierarchy of importance, so too do our cast of characters. With that in mind, I wonder who will be given a good ending, true absolution, in Season 6. I am going on the idea that not everyone will make it to the very end, and that some characters' destinies are simply more important.

    Who do you think deserves a transcendent ending?

    Personally, I think there are only two characters that will directly achieve a true and absolute conclusion: Jack and Locke. Yes, Locke is dead, but …

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  • That Dude That Was Sucked Into The Turbine

    Well, I don't know.. BUT my opinion is that its Desmond. Despite his late start, this dude is batting 1000. Check it:

    • Live Together Die Alone
    • Flashes Before Your Eyes
    • Catch 22
    • The Constant
    • Jughead

    This dude had arguably the best episodes for each of the last 4 seasons.

    What are your thoughts? I think I know who might be the only other true contender... or two...

    PS Its nice to be back here posting... Besides a couple bitter mumblings about the LOST UNIVERSITY MONEY MACHINE, I have tried to sooth my Lost Hiatus Blue Balls by avoiding this place. It didnt work. Good to be back!

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  • That Dude That Was Sucked Into The Turbine

    I don't even know if this is the correct forum to address this issue, but what the F happened to the Rewatch? I was expecting the randoms to drop out, but even this site has seemed to give up on it as well! Where are you Sam MacP? I will gladly take your Rewatch duties if it is too taxing for you to write 2-3 short articles a week.

    My other question: am I one of few or many who care about this? I've really enjoyed reading the Rewatch blogs, and its helped me to get my Lost fix. I'm happy folks like Jopinionated are still doing it week after week, especially since she was busy at Comic-Con. She's making everyone else look like chumps!

    Please weigh in. I may be making too much of this.

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  • That Dude That Was Sucked Into The Turbine

    Alright, so this guy seems all powerful and mightily irrelevant all at once. Here are some questions that bounce around my large, almost spherical head when I think about the man from London.

    1) How did he go from jungle running crazy man to international, sailboat racing billionaire in the span of what seems only a few years? You could say 12 years (1992 to 2004) was enough time to somehow strike it rich (could have bought or something and sold it for a pretty 'penny'- eh? get it? ok sorry back to the point), but consider the fact that he already seemed wildly rich in Desmond's flashbacks, some of which must have taken place only a few short years after he was booted from Pleasure Island. How did he get the loot??

    2) What in th…

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