Characters that Died that should've Survived

I've been re-watching LOST lately and there have been a lot of good characters that died over the series. IMO some of the ones that died should've survived the series, here are my choices:

1.) Sayid - Great back-story, a lot great skills in a character which proved he was probably the one character who had an importance in the series, overall a badass character and one of my top 5 favorites.

2.) Locke - This guy has experienced a lot of betrayal in his life before the island including from people he thought were his friends and by his own blood. I also liked his back-story besides that. He truly was a special character since his paralysis was cured when he arrived on the island. IMO he should have lived instead of being killed off, this is the one reason why I hate Ben. He is also one of my top 5 favorites.

3.) Jin & Sun - Basically I wanted them to live because they have been through a lot, being apart from each other several times and for several years. Sun gave birth to their daughter and Jin never got a chance to meet her and they wind up dying on the sub, but they died together I guess that's a good thing? I dunno, they're not one of my favorite characters but I think they should've lived so they could raise their kid together.

4.) Eko - I like his character, I think they could've done more, it's a shame they killed him off so quickly. I heard that the producers were going to keep him on for a few more seasons perhaps until the 5th.

Who do you think should have survived?


Eko - 7

Sun - 6

Jin - 6

Ilana -6

Locke - 5

Libby -5

Juliet -4

Naomi - 3

Boone - 3

Nikki - 3

Alex -3

Ana Lucia -3

Sayid - 2

Charlotte -2

Shannon -2

Daniel -2

Matthew Abaddon -1

Danielle -1

Karl - 1

Man in Black -1

Kelvin -1

Charlie -1

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