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    My LOST theories

    February 15, 2009 by Th3Alchemist

    My LOST theories:

    The Numbers: - The transmission that Montand heard on the This Place is Death, was/will be recorded by Hurley since the voice of it is just the same.

    Black Rock: - How did the ship get located in the middle of the jungle? I think that this ship was just navigating somewhere on the ocean and suddenly the island moved and got placed where on that instance the Black Rock was.

    Polar bear: - What are they doing on the island? They got trained on The Hydra to experiment the effects of moving the Frozen wheel. That explains the found skeleton of a Polar bear in Tunisia in the Sahara Desert... Same place where Ben landed when he moved the Frozen wheel.

    Drug smugglers' plane - How did it ended crashing on the island? A Beechcraft 18 h…

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