Okay, I am very confused about what is going on with the two seperate timeline scenarios as I'm sure many people are, but I'm going to explain what I'm getting out of it and hopefully we can tie it together. First of all, I do not believe that the hydrogen bomb changed the out come of the future because I don't believe there is one distinct timeline. If Jack, Kate, Sawyer etc. landed safely at LAX then they never would have gone to the island which means they never would have went back in time and detonated the bomb in the first place, which means the swan station would have been built and they would in fact have crash on the island. This means that when the jughead went off, it did create a new timeline that is seperate from the original and both time periods are coexisting. My problem with this theory is that it is inconsistant with the how time travel has work earlier in the series. For instance, when Faraday time traveled to the 50s and told Ellie to bury the jughead he successfully changed the original timeline because the bomb was already buried before he arrived on island and started time traveling in the first place. So this is my problem with what is going on, and I can only imagine that the solution will have something to do with the universe course correction theory, in that the H-bomb would have been buried anyway and ultimately the two timelines will course correct and have the same outcome, (which will probably be difficult considering the island is under water). Please comment!

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