First let me start off by saying I am by no means one of those people who needs to have every single thing answered and could care less about annie, or adam and eve, or the egyptians, or wear jacobs mom came from,etc. and frankly I am annoyed by people that or forcing that kind of pressure on the writers as well.

However, what's even more annoying than those people, are those that are so entrenched in their faith in Darlton that they openly admit that they will be happy with whatever crappy anti-climactic ending they come up with.

The problem is not that they are not answering all the questions, the problem is that for six years the writers have been loading the series with mysteries and plot twists with no real plan for the episode to episode events. Now that its crunch time and the weight of the insane answer-craving fans is pressing down, they are forcing themselves to try and tie it altogether and whats happening is that the method of revelation of the answers as well as answers themselves are just flat out BORING.

For example, Carlton Cuse came to my school to talk about the show and brought up the foot of the statue. He revealed that they didn't think it was going to be an important part of the story, but once the fans blew it out of proportion, they felt the need to give it a back story. It is lame that fans expect so much from the writers, but a better solution would be to not put "Giant Feet" in the middle of the jungle if there's no point to it.

In conclusion, The writers first mistake was having things like "Soaking wet disappearing walts" and "teleporting cabins" for no reason, but an even bigger mistake would be wasting the last 3 hours of my precious LOST basically listing off answers to all these questions with bland deliveries and no real excitement. PLEASE go out with a bang.. give me an enormous final plot twist or some kind of mind blowing conclusion.. but most importantly have it make sense

I haven't jumped off the boat yet and I owe to the show to stick around until the end.. but I have to admit I'm very worried

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