I haven't talked to many other people like me that were upset with season 6 but were actually turned around by the finale. Originally i was upset by the fact that the FST existed, and it didn't make any sense to me because WHH rules applied to every situation except the bomb explosion. So the fact the the FS was not an actual timeline was a huge weight off of my chest and i didn't think is was cop out answer since it all makes sense looking back scene by scene of the FS. The other reason I was upset was because I thought the answers and plot lines all season were forced and boring. There were no real shocking twists. However, IMO there was definitely nothing boring about the finale.

So now I get to defend the show again

There's been plenty of people talking about the fact that we didn't even need the FST, and we didn't need the Dharma Initiative, and we didn't need seasons 2 through 5. This is true, in fact, you could have had the entire show be explained with just jack, jacob, MIB, desmond, and maybe Hurley in about 2 seasons. But why would you want that. I enjoyed everything about the sub plots and random characters throughout the series. My only regret is that we never found out about Walt or the Cabin, but other than that everything else made complete sense to me and I enjoyed the entire series.

also for the those who thought they died in the crash and were dead on the island.. go watch the last 15 minutes again you are completely wrong

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