While re-watching season one, I started "All the best Cowboys have Daddy Issues" and couldn't remember who this episode centered around. Thats when I noticed, almost all of our characters have Daddy Issues and those who don't have other ties to this theme. Of course some are obvious, but I am hardpressed to find any character that has a GOOD relationship with their father! I think this theme will play out with Jacob/MIB playing father to the island, etc.

Jack- obviously Locke's father conned him into giving him a kidney and then pushed him out of a window, paralyzing him Sawyer's dad killed his mom and himself Kate blew her step-dad up before learning he is her real dad Sun's father is a Korean mob boss controlling her husband Jin is ashamed of his father and claims he is dead (of course he reconciles tho) Claire had little or no relationship with her father and Aaron's father bailed on Claire Hurley's father abandoned him and his mother, only returning when he had won the lottery Charlie's father disapproved of his career choice Sayid's relationship with his father was not necessarily bad, however I would argue that his father is not shown in a favorable light Boone's father is out of the picture or dead, and Shannon's father died leaving her nothing (again, this was mostly bc of her step-mother) Walt is dealing with being reunited with his father who he believes abandoned him, their relationship grows but then is shattered again

Ben's father blamed him for his mother's death Alex resents her father and he lets her die Juliet's parents were divorced Miles believed his father abandoned him and his mother, only to be reunited later Penny- we don't know many details about her relationship with her father, but it seems to have it's issues as he does not approve of her husband It doesn't seem that Daniel knew his father

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