• Teresafallsupthestairs is one of my favorite Lost blogs. For the past two days I have not been able to access it. Does anyone have this problem or know what's going on or if/when it will be back up and running?

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  • Teresafallsupthestairs

    There are SO many questions out there and we all know not all, in fact probably most, will not be answered. So what are the random questions that you have accepted you won't get an answer to. Specifically, any you are surprised no one else has ever posted about?

    For me, it's the box Ben was hiding in the vent in his hotel room... just before he and jack left to come back to the island. What was in there? If it was so unimportant (like money, or passports) why even show it to us? I was convinced they were Medusa spiders and Locke wasn't really dead (which also gave me answer to why the episode Expose ever existed!) but alas, I was wrong.

    What about you?

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  • Teresafallsupthestairs

    Daddy Issues

    February 16, 2010 by Teresafallsupthestairs

    While re-watching season one, I started "All the best Cowboys have Daddy Issues" and couldn't remember who this episode centered around. Thats when I noticed, almost all of our characters have Daddy Issues and those who don't have other ties to this theme. Of course some are obvious, but I am hardpressed to find any character that has a GOOD relationship with their father! I think this theme will play out with Jacob/MIB playing father to the island, etc.

    Jack- obviously Locke's father conned him into giving him a kidney and then pushed him out of a window, paralyzing him Sawyer's dad killed his mom and himself Kate blew her step-dad up before learning he is her real dad Sun's father is a Korean mob boss controlling her husband Jin is as…

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