• Teerog

    Ben Linus is the ultimate long con man. He has been working with MiB this whole time to set things in motion to allow MiB to win. He told us a war was coming (we thought it was between him and Widmore but he was talking about Jacob and MiB the whole time).

    Ben had encounters with smokey but was never injured or killed by it. Ben was the one who got everyone back to the island. Ben killed Locke and made sure his body was brought back to be a vessel for MiB.

    Ben was brought back to life in the Temple and he is poisoned just like the Sayid and Claire. Also, it was Ben that used the MiB power to bring Locke's father on to the island. Now the question is, what does Ben get out of all of this?

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  • Teerog

    The Incident

    May 7, 2009 by Teerog

    There has been a lot of speculation on the "incident" and whether or not the hydrogen bomb is detonated by the Losties. This being the forum for speculation, I thought I would weigh in with my own theories on the incident:

    1) The H-Bomb is detonated
    2) The electromagnetic properties of the island prevent the death of all
    3) The Swan needs to be completed because of #2

    Some more details...
    1) To jump into reality a bit, this is a television show with a limited amount of story telling time per week. Since the show is nearing its finale, I do not believe the writers/creators have the time to waste on introducing plot devices that do not have a significant impact on the plot. They have spent a lot of time this season on the bomb, 2 episodes by my …

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