I listend to the show 3 times, and coincidentaly the closed captioned words skipped this sentence/phrase from Keamy. In a paraphrase he was telling Jin he needed to do something to him, i.e. hurt him, before he figured out what was going to happen/happening on the island. His speech was kinda unclear and he might have said there at the restaurant. But why would Jin care if they killed Sayid? Maybe he meant Jin find out Keamy's plan was to kill Jin, himself?

Speaking of Jin, so in the alt. time line he and Sun aren't married. This would explain why in season 5 we saw him running to get a panda to take to the hospital for an woman who just had a baby. The nurse said something to him about having his own kids and he said we haven't been married that long or something to that efect. Their little girl must have been destined to be born since Sun is still pregnant.

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