I was wondering yesterday... Widmore wanted to kill Alex as a baby. Ben asked if Jacob wanted him to do it. 3 options, 1- Jacob did ask and Widmore didn't push it on Ben for some reason. 2- Widmore was lying, and is just a mindless and cruel person. 3- MIB, either posing as Jacob, or not, wanted Widmore to do it. Now without Alex as a Baby, Ben does not raise her as her father. She is not around to foil his plans from time to time. She also is not able to be used as leverage against Ben. If this is the case then Ben doesn't watch her die because of Keamy. He does not get personal and angry. He does not kill Keamy. The freighter does not blow up. He does not Kill all of Widmore's guys. Ben does not feel the need to apologize under the Temple. "Alex" can't convince Ben to follow "Locke" or be destroyed. Ben would not have killed Jacob.

Alex dead as a child does not help MIB's plan. Alex dead as a child would not help Widmore, unless he is needlessly bloodthirsty. Rarely can we use the word "needless" in this show, for even evil is not shown this way.

If Widmore had been asked to kill her by Jacob, and if he even knew the reasons or the events to come, would he have announced it at that time?

I won't go off on my own rant, just wanted to show the progression and see responses. TSJLennon 04:37, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

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